Five Character Building Components of Sports


Apart from physical fitness, sport helps develop character. It develops analytical skills, goal-setting, risk-taking, and a positive attitude towards life. There are five components of physical fitness that are developed through sports. Here is a breakdown of these five. Read on to discover more about them. Sports teach us to be disciplined and persistent. But these traits are not just limited to the physical aspect of playing sports. They also develop five other components of character.

While competition sports are often rated based on “weight” or “result,” non-competitive sports are graded according to the time taken to complete a course or win. However, sports such as gymnastics and boxing are more subjective and subject to varying shades of judging. Whether someone wins or loses in a match depends on who performs best. Aside from physical fitness, participation in sports improves self-esteem.

People participating in sport often display a sense of nationalism, which can lead to violent clashes inside and outside sporting venues. These clashes often contradict the ethos of sport. The 1972 Munich Olympics saw sport and politics collide. There were masked assailants who slaughtered many members of the Israeli Olympic team. This incident was known as the Munich massacre. The governing body of the World Olympic Committee (WOC) has since outlined the rules for international sporting competition.

Sports began in ancient China and Europe, but the conquest of those countries has marginalized indigenous practices. Conversion to Islam has undercut the religious function of African sports. However, elements of pre-Christian magical cults have survived into postcolonial times. Ancient Persian sports included jousting and a martial art. Modern sports have emerged in the form of motorized games. In addition, children have also been involved in sports since prehistoric times.