Words Associated With Sports

A great variety of words are associated with sports. The type of sport and the organization of those around it are often determining factors in the classification of words. Here are a few words that are commonly associated with sports. Clicking on them will give you additional examples. Also, consider how often they are used. If you’re unsure about a word, you can click on it to see examples from different contexts. In addition, a word associated with a specific type of sport is helpful when determining its classification.

Sport is a term that describes any type of athletic activity that involves competition. These activities are typically competitive, aimed at improving or maintaining physical ability, and for entertainment purposes. A sport involves a specific set of rules and can include a variety of different disciplines. Various forms of sports may include basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, weightlifting, rock climbing, skiing, and cycling. There are even Olympic games, such as rowing.

Ball games were widespread among ancient cultures. Chinese, Aztec, and Native Americans played a variety of ball games, including what might be called an ancestor of lacrosse. In the seventeenth century, European games were brought to North America and modified to fit their cultural and environmental needs. Today, they are among the most popular forms of recreation in the United States. And since the games are so popular, different social rituals have developed around them.