The Social Importance of Sports


The value of sports in American society cannot be denied. In addition to their immense popularity, sports have been known to teach many important lessons. Sports have always been associated with the transmission of values such as teamwork, fair play and justice. In the same way, they have contributed to social and racial integration. As a result, sports are a wonderful social glue that unites people of all ages and backgrounds. Early Americans emphasized the importance of physical activity, especially running and swimming, to increase health and well-being. Even some of our most notable presidents of the 20th century have promoted the importance of physical activity.

While the term sport implies physical activity, it also includes all types of activities that involve moving a body through an environment and burning calories. Some sports can even result in physical exhaustion and sweating, but a majority of these activities aim to improve one or more body parts. This is a very positive outcome for the individual who participates in a sport. Whether or not a sport is competitive or recreational, there is no doubt that it enhances the individual’s abilities.

Archery was popular with the bourgeoisie during the Middle Ages. Archery matches were often staged with great fanfare, and the archery companies marched behind their patron saints. Other sports were played by lower class people. Some archery matches were celebrated with grand feasts. Drinking was widespread, and many spectators became drunk, but the Pritschenkoenig stayed in the stands to keep order and entertain the crowd.