The History of Sports


In the 19th century, sports such as basketball and volleyball were invented. They were created in response to the perceived need for indoor games in the cold New England winters. In the 19th century, the concept of the record for sports first entered English. Today, sports records are an essential part of competitions in a variety of sports, from tennis and golf to football and rugby. Here are the top five sports to follow for inspiration. If you enjoy playing them, you’ll want to learn more about the history of sports.

There are many ways to engage in sports journalism. In the early 20th century, even the august New York Times produced a large sports section. In fact, the public appetite for sports news was so great that sports newspapers sprung up in numerous countries, including the United States and France. Today, the French-based L’Equipe newspaper is one of the most popular, and traces its beginnings to the early 20th century. Increasing numbers of sports journalism are being produced in both print and online forms.

The development of sports in the 20th century reflects changes in social and spatial structures. Sports became more lucrative in developed nations, and many poorer countries were unable or unwilling to develop their athletic talent. In the process, the more developed nations gained greater financial rewards, better training facilities, and the ability to participate in world-class competition. This phenomenon is called the “brawn drain”. Western nations have increasingly taken advantage of the opportunity to recruit sports scientists from countries such as Africa and the former Soviet bloc.